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I recently recieved my painting,Picasso's "Les Demoiselles..", The painting is more then I could have hoped for and David, thanks for all of your help. I'll definitly buy from this company again. Lorenzo,Switzerland

  Body painting, body painting gallery, body painting galleries

1.Body painting, or sometimes bodypainting, is a form of body art, considered by some as the most ancient form of art. Unlike tattoo and other forms of body art, body painting is temporary, painted onto the human skin, and lasts for only several hours, or at most (in the case of Mehndi or "henna tattoo") a couple of weeks. Body painting that is limited to the face is known as face painting. Body painting is also referred to as (a form of) temporary tattoos; large scale or full-body painting is more commonly referred to as body painting, while smaller or more detailed work is generally referred to as temporary tattoos.

2.Buy paints from Mehron, Inc., 45 E. Route 303, Valley Cottage, NY 10989, (914) 268-4106. They have a semi-reasonable brochure and provide some technical support. They can also direct you to dealers. body painting

Mehron's "liquid makeup" is water-based and comes off easily, although red stains skin a bit. Plan on using three 4oz. bottles to completely cover a 5'7" tall, 120 lb woman. This stuff tends to be streaky and cracks a bit when it dries. It is also not good if your model sweats. However, if you want a "non-slick" look, it can be pretty effective. Best of all, you can shower it off.
The most convenient grease-based makeup from Mehron comes in 0.75oz sticks in dozens of colors (mostly slightly varied flesh tones unfortunately, but also plenty of colors). To use this you first apply it, smooth with a damp sponge, then put on translucent powder with a powder puff, then brush the excess powder off with a powder brush. Mehron sells sponges, powder, and powder puffs. Also, many women use grease-based makeup on their faces and understand this procedure.
Although the powder is supposed to "set" the makeup, I've found that the stuff still tends to rub off. So be careful if the model touches bare skin with painted skin -- you'll get a smudge.

3.Connecting cultures has been one of the foundations of the World Bodypainting Festival for eleven years now.

The 2008 festival saw an increase in the diversity of nations combining their art and sharing their inspiration. We were happy to welcome artists from Europe who have been long time supporters of the festival as well as many new entrants from the USA, a rise in numbers from the Asian regions and South America.

The standard of work increased amazingly this year with many more art works reaching the higher range of points achievable. It was great to see new faces on the stage receiving the World Champion titles with the trophies from this year in Brazil, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Poland and the USA.

body painting

4.. Huli man from Papua New Guinea. Body painting with clay and other natural pigments existed in most, if not all, tribalist cultures. Often worn during ceremonies, it still survives in this ancient form among the indigenous people of Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific islands and parts of Africa. A semi-permanent form of body painting known as Mehndi, using dyes made of henna (hence also known rather erroneously as "henna tattoo"), was and is still practised in India and the Middle East, especially on brides. Since the late 1990s, Mehndi has become popular amongst young women in the Western world.

Indigenous peoples of South America traditionally use annatto, huito, or wet charcoal to decorate their faces and bodies. Huito is semi-permanent, and it generally takes weeks for this black dye to fade.

Actors and clowns around the world have painted their faces--and sometimes bodies--for centuries, and continue to do so today. More subdued form of face paints for everyday occasions evolved into the cosmetics we know today.

“When artists exhibit their artwork they put a bit of themselves out in the world for people to respond to. For me, I put all of myself into the world. When I am performing, what you see is what it is – there is no pretending. It is very direct.”

Philippine artist Yason Banal is also intrigued by the male body and the juxtaposition of perception and reality.

In Death but Disco he contrasted the dazzle of a disco ball with concepts of “Samurai porn, death metal disco, folk science and news-casting”, sitting as a high Priest and stencilling tattoos onto actors appearing as sculptures in a state of stupor.

In Untitled / Again (Marienbad) he creates a video and performance inspired by Last Year at Marienbad, Alain Robert-Grillet and Alain Resnais' dream-like 1961 film in which a potential couple play out plans for a future they may or may not have devised in a chance meeting a year previously.
Banal will transport the surreal narrative to different cities, using Courtauld Institute students as a tableau vivant – silently poised in the background – in an amalgamation of acting and painting or photography
body painting

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